Warwick Estates Changes – Completed and Planned

June 10, 2013 - 5:59pm

There have been quite a few changes/updates in our great Warwick Estates neighborhood in the last couple of years, with more updates planned.  What are they?

  • The East/West creek, off of Greenwick between Winchester and Sudbury north to 122nd, has been re-molded to enable the water to flow better with much less erosion.
  • New playground equipment added just west of the Clubhouse/Pool area.
  • New split rail fencing has been added to some Common Areas, and deteriorated fencing replaced.
  • Clubhouse remodel.
  • Sprinkler systems expanded.
  • Lighting added along the MacArthur entrance.
  • New clubhouse sign.
  • Extensive swimming pool and pool deck  repairs.
  • Expansion of the pool deck to the west of the pool.  This enables year round use of the additional deck for picnics and a place to sit while watching the kids/grandkids play on the playground, or just sitting and enjoying the view of the lake and greenbelt.
  • New wrought iron fencing around the pool area.
  • Sprinkler system around clubhouse.
  • Pool bathroom remodel.
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