Warwick Estates Covenants & Restrictions

April 30, 2013 - 6:04pm

We all want Warwick Estates to be a desirable place where families want to move. For that to continue, we all must be aware of what our properties look like as people drive through the neighborhood.

Our great neighborhood will continue to be a great and beautiful neighborhood if everyone is aware of, and keeps, our covenants and restrictions. We’ve seen other neighborhoods gets lax on enforcement of their covenants and restrictions, which causes a decline in the appearance of their neighborhood. Check out the covenants link and read them. It’s very important that we are all aware, and abide by them at all times. Some items to be aware of are:
-Keep home, yard, and fences properly maintained.
-Don’t leave items in sight like trailers, recreational vehicles, trash cans or anything else unsightly.
-Get prior approval from the Architectural Committee, via the form in your Warwick Directory, on any updating to the outside of your home/property, i.e. storage buildings, tree houses, fencing backing up to the greenbelt, etc.

Everyone’s cooperation in abiding by our covenants will keep Warwick Estates a beautiful, desirable neighborhood.

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