Warwick Pool Rules

May 15, 2019 - 9:47pm

1.  Lifeguards are in charge at all times and have the authority to refuse admittance.  

2.  When warranted, the pool will be closed.  Efforts will be made to schedule special events and pool parties so as not to conflict with daily pool operations.

3.  The pool may be rented for a private party at the cost of $20.00 per hour, paid to the lifeguard.  Private parties may be reserved through the Pool Chairperson.  There is a $75.00 fee payable to Warwick Estates.  Parties may be scheduled on Mondays between 1:00 PM and 10:00 PM, and  Tuesday thru Sunday before the pool opens or after closing.  

4.  When only one lifeguard is "on duty", a 10 minute safety break will be called at the end of each hour.  Swimmers of the age 18 and older may swim at their own risk.  Swimmers under 18 must exit the pool.

5.  Swimmers or occupants who violate the rules are subject to 10 - 45 minutes of restricted admittance.  If problems persist, the swimmers or occupants will be asked to leave immediately and/or permanently.  The swimmer or occupant will not be allowed admittance until the HOA, and/or Pool Director have reviewed the offense.  

6.  Children found swimming in the pool without the presence of the lifeguard will have swimming privileges suspended indefinitely.

7.  All residents must use their security card to enter the pool security gate.  

8.  Four guests per family/household will be allowed per day.  A resident must accompany their guest at all times.

9.  NO SWIMMER OR OCCUPANT UNDER THE AGE OF 11 will be allowed at the pool or pool area without a parent or attendant 14 years of age or older.

10.  Lifeguards may require proof of ability to swim.  Common sense and rules of courtesy will prevail.

11.  All swimmers or occupants who are in diapers must wear a leak proof swim diaper.  Any "accident" that occur in the pool water will require immediate pool closure. 

  • Person with open wounds, bandages, boils, colds, skin eruptions, ear discharge, inflamed eyes, respiratory diseases, or any symptoms of communicable disease, warts or wart-like growths, blisters or peeling of feet, impetigo or any other skin condition that has the general appearance of being in an infectious state, shall NOT ENTER the pool.  This a State Health Department requirement.  

12.  Only one diver on the diving board at a time, only one bounce on the board and no diving into water under 6 feet deep.  

13.  THE FOLLOWING ARE PROHIBITED inside the pool area:  foul/inappropriate language, glass, horseplay, running, smoking, nudity, and alcohol.  

14.  The HOA is not responsible for swimmers or occupants accidents or injuries or damage to, loss of or theft of personal property.

  • The Pool Chairperson is in charge of the pool.  Comments and complaints concerning the pool or lifeguards should be directed to the Pool Chairman, Sherri Wiewel.  Constructive criticism is welcome.  PROFANITY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  
  • The Swimming Pool Rules are enforced by the Pool Chairman and lifeguards for the good of all residents of Warwick.  Some of these rules are a requirement of the State Health Department.  There may be one or more of these rules with which you disagree, but for the benefit of all, we need your copperation in obeying and following all of the above listed rules.  
  • The right to swim in the Warwick Pool is a benefit of paying your quarterly Association dues.  If your dues are in arrears, your household may not swim.  Your security card will be deactivated until you are in good standing.  $50.00 charge to reactivate your card.  
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